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May 2010:: continues to attract many visitors each month. We are planning to introduce some major changes to the site and the way it works in the near future, to offer you a better serivce and a better site.

Stay tuned for further updates and information...


october 2009:: persistant scammers
Hello Folks,

It's now October and the non-existant summer is long gone.

I have recieved a few more emails from people who have been scammed (or scams attempted on them). Nearly all of these relate to pet ads on As I have said before do not pay for anything (pet or otherwise) before you see it and you cannot go too far wrong.

I do not police nor am I responsible for the ads that are placed on it. If you see an ad that you think is illegal, unfair or an attempted scam, please click on the 'Report an Ad' link (at the bottom of every ad) and have it send it to me. I'll have a look at the ad and generally remove it if there is anything fishy looking about it. Otherwise I DO NOT MODERATE THIS SITE and so please use your own discretion and common sense when using And if you see something that looks worng, REPORT IT TO ME.

That aside, more and more people are using each month.

The winners of the €100 prize for the past 3 months are:

July- David Kelly (Dublin)
August - Susan Murphy (Galway)
September - Robert Hughes (Dublin)

Congratulations and keep posting ads.

October 16th, 2007 | permalink

july 2007: technical difficulties
Hello Folks,

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather and having a good summer despite it. 

As you may have noticed was down a bit recently. This was due to the server getting overloaded by nasty robots trying to place millions of spammy ads for various crap at once.

The end result was that I think I have stopped it from happening again and the site should be back to normal now.

The winners of the €100 give away were:
May - Tony Byrne (Dublin)
June - Robert Byrne (Dublin)

Keep placing ads and you may be a lucky winner too!


July 9th, 2007 | permalink

april 2007: sinister bunny mars easter celebrations
Hi folks,

Hope you all had an EGGcellent easter. I still have two thirds of a regular sized Twirl egg and an entire (larger 585gram egg) Crunchie egg with 6 bars to get through so I'm still happy/morbidly obese.

The March winner of €100 was David Kinsella and Aprils contest is set to be an even more tightly fought affair as many more ads are being published each day.

Thankfully the recent spate of scam pet ads appears to have abated, one can only hope that the crafty attempted scammers have found employment or a painful death.

As I've said before only buy items that are in Ireland that you can see in person before buying and you are less likely to go wrong.

Enjoy the improving weather,

April 10th, 2007 | permalink

beware of pet scams! march 2007
Hello Folks,

I have got a number of complaints about the large numbers of attempted scams in the pets for sale section recently and so have removed all of the ads from the section in an effort to stop this (sorry if I have removed your genuine ad).

Most of the scams offer pets that are in Africa, the owner claims they will post them to you. These are all scams, you will not be sent a cute puppy, monkey etc if you pay these people, you will just loose your money.

Use your common sense in these situations. Why would a person in Africa sell their pet to someone in a different continent, its an awful lot of trouble? And more importantly why would someone who deeply cared for their animal be willing to POST it to you in Ireland. I've seen similar ads appearing in a lot of Irish classifieds websites recently it seems to be the latest attempted scam.

As with all other ads on my advice is: DO NOT BUY ITEMS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES AS THEY ARE ALMOST ALWAYS ATTEMPTED SCAMS. Do not buy something unless you can see it in person and try it out. And above all if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Please don't let a few idiots put you off using the site, if nobody falls for scams then the scammers will stop trying to scam and may do something more useful like finding a job.


Oh and on a lighter note the €100 give away winner for January was David Spollen of Dublin and Breda O'B... more

March 14th, 2007 | permalink

january 2nd 2007
Happy New Year folks, I hope you all had a pleasant and fattening Christmas and new year, as did I.

Just to keep you up to date with the prize winners of's fantastic monthly €100 give away here are the last few winners:

December: Keith Doyle (Co. Limerick)
November: Martin Hanley (Cork City)
October: Seamus Hayes (Dublin 3)

All of these lucky individuals are now €100 better off and you can be too by placing a FREE ad on

Incidentally if you have any ideas on how to improve the site or get more people visiting click on the 'write to robert' link and let me know. I'm always happy to hear from you.

New Years Resolution - Spend more time on

January 2nd, 2007 | permalink

october 6th 2006
Congratulations to Niall Boohan of Limerick who was Septembers winner of the €100 prize. All he had to do was place a free ad on to win. 

Why don't you do the same?

You may very well be the next winner.

Good Luck.

October 6th, 2006 | permalink

september 15th 2006
Welcome to September.

This month I'm launching a brand new competition to get more people posting ads on

It's very simple, if you post an ad, you are in with a (good) chance of winning €100.

Not only is posting an ad on still completely free, now I'm even paying you to do it!

For further details click on the ad on the main page of the site.

I'll post the winners here each month, so stay tuned and get posting...

Incidently the final 2 iPod Nano winners were:

Catherine O'Kelly (Dublin 7)
Lorcan Fingleton (Dublin 2)

Congratulations to everyone who won, I hope you are all enjoying your prizes.


September 15th, 2006 | permalink

july 28th 2006


Appologies for my laziness in posting here folks, these long hot summer days are keeping me away from my natural environment of the darkened room with computer. There have been 3 more iPod Nano winners since my last post, these are:

April - James O'Mahony (Dublin 2)
May - Alana McCormack (Dublin 4)
June - Fiona Hynes (Dublin 1)

Congratulations to you all. July is rapidly approaching an end, so be sure to post an ad within the next few days to be sure you are in with a chance of winning.

This is YOUR SECOND LAST CHANCE to win one of these iPod Nano's, starting September I'm going to have an all new and improved competition for you all... Check back in soon to see what it is!

Hope you are all enjoying your summers.

april 21st 2006
Hot Dog, We Have a Weiner!

Thanks to everyone who placed an ad in during the month of March on, you were automatically entered into a draw to win an iPod Nano (even if you did not realise it:)

This months winner is Mr David Lynch from Dublin 2 who is now the proud owner of a new iPod Nano.

I hope to have a photo of the happy fellow with his super prize in the near future.

It's only a week or two until the next draw so place an ad NOW to be in with an (extraordinarily high) chance of winning. See here for further details:

I hope you all had an eggselent easter incidently,


April 21st, 2006 | permalink

march 28th 2006
Hello Again Folks,

You may have noticed some minor changes that have been made to in recent times, with the help of an expert programmer (all the way from Bangledesh) I've managed to make major improvements to

First off, you can now upload photos with your ads a feature that has long been missing from the site. 

People are 4 times more likely to read your ad if it contains pictures so it's a great idea for you to include at least one with your ad.

Adding pictures to your ad is ridiculously easy, there is now an option to allow you to upload up to 3 images on the ad posting form.

There have been a couple of other improvements too.

I've added the ability to complain about or report an ad:

In order to flag an ad for review just click on the link at the bottom of the ad that says 'report/complain about this ad'. Then fill in the simple form that appears and submit it. You can tell me why you object to this ad if it's unclear.

It's that simple.

And finally you may notice that there is now a 'Security Code' on the bottom of the ad posting page. Chances are you have come across this kind of thing before but if not here's the reason for it: It makes sure that it's a real person placing the ad and not some robot. Anyway, all you have to do is to enter the 6 digit number shown on the screen- It should give you no problems.

That's all for now,

If you have any o... more

March 28th, 2006 | permalink

march 25th 2006
Howdy Folks,

On the back of's fantastic iPod Nano competetion there have been many more vistors to the site this month. Last month the site had about 9,000 visits, this month it is 11,000 and counting.

Keep posting your ads, they increase your chances of winning.

It's only a few days till the first draw!

Good Luck!

March 28th, 2006 | permalink

march 7th 2006
Happy March folks. In my ongoing efforts to get people to place more ads on I have devised a fiendishly clever new competition involving free iPod Nanos. Basically, each month I will select one lucky ad poster at random and they will receive a brand new 2 Gb iPod Nano. All you have to do to enter is to post and ad.

And here's the best part: the more ads you post the greater your chance of winning!

At the moment only about 200 ads are placed on each month. So, if you place one ad you have a 1 in 200 chance of winning. But if you place 10 ads you will have a 1 in 20 chance of winning!!!

Sounds Good? It should do, you have much better odds of winning an iPod Nano here on than anywhere else. 

Click on the ad on the main page for further details or just go here:

If this doesn't get more people placing ads I dont know what will.

Good Luck,


March 7th, 2006 | permalink

january 5th 2006::
Happy new year folks. I'm currently messing about with the site and trying to improve it so let me know if I accidentally break anything. The ads should be much improved in the near future. And I'm planning a fantastic competition to attract more visitors. Stay tuned.

I hope you all had a fun and food filled Christmas.

January 5th, 2006 | permalink

january - december 2005::
I'll be perfectly honest with you, I did practically no work on in the last year. It's still growing though, which is good news. I got distracted by my regular work (building orphanages, curing blindness, death etc.) amongst other things. In order to get it to grow faster I've decided to try adding ads to the site (completely breaking one of my original promises for the site, I know). Every time you click on an ad will make a tiny amount of revenue. I'll then use this money in turn to advertise the site and bring more people to it. Of course this will only work if people click on ads, so if you see anything you like (sugar) please click away. If you do so, I've come up with some great plans to make the site better that I will implement in the new year. And that's a promise (from a guy who repeatedly breaks promises!)

December 8th, 2005 | permalink

december 2004::
I did very little during this month related to Most of my efforts were directed towards eating anything and indeed everything within site over the Christmas period. The site continues to grow though and the number of kind and encouraging emails I received from people who enjoy the site has motivated me to make more of an effort in the coming year. Unfortunately my belly is currently too large to permit me to reach the keyboard but I shall get to work as soon as I slim down.

Incidently: the photo shows the Annual 4th July Hot Dog Eating Contest in the US. Takeru Kobayashi of Japan sucessfully defended his title at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island by consuming 49 Nathan's Famous hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes. Eric (Badlands) Booker could only manage 22, despite having a slight weight advantage...

December 8th, 2005 | permalink

november 2004:: continues to grow with almost no work being done by me (which is great because I am lazy). 8270 people visited the site this month, which is the most in any given month so far. I'm hoping to get to 10,000 folk to visit in December, we shall see. As you can tell by my thrilling discussions of website visitor numbers, I didn't do much of note regarding the in November. I went on trips to London and a monastry in Limerick, both of which were enjoyable, though in quite different ways.


october 2004::
My sister got married in Singapore during October and thus I spent most of the month on holiday in Asia. This meant I didn't get to do any work on for the month but thankfully it kept ticking over in my absense. So there is very little for me to say, unless you'd like to hear about my holiday. Which I sincerely doubt. I am currently trying to convince my sister and her husband to have kids as soon as possible so as to make the phrase 'Bob's your uncle' become a witty double-entendre. Apparantly it's a not a good enough reason to have a child...

December 8th, 2005 | permalink

september 2004::
I've made some minor tweaks to the site this month which should hopefully make placing ads even easier, not that it was particularly difficult before. Over 6,500 people visited the site in this month so it's certainly growing. Work commitments to my 'real job' meant that I could not spend as much time promoting the site as I'd like to, but it's still going well. was also featured in a very small article on the Irish Site Eirepreneur:

September, 2004
'Everything' in Ireland?

It had to happen - Craigslist has finally come to Ireland. Only it's Robert's list. Or, to be more precise, a Craigslist clone called created by Dubliner Robert.

And according to Sunday's Business Post Robert freely admits that Craiglist was the inspiration behind Which isn't a bad thing considering the incredible success of the former and the recent buy in by eBay.

Best of luck to Robert and congratulations on the flying start with 140 jobs and 269 goods for sale being advertised at last count.

December 8th, 2005 | permalink

august 2004::
The highlight of this month was probably the article written about me and more importantly that appeared in the Sunday Business Post. I was featured in the 'People in Business' section of the paper, which makes very little sense considering is not a business at all. I also partook in an extremely embarrassing photo shoot (for the article) that involved me posing awkwardly in various locations around the city centre feeling like an utter moron. The nice photographer kept telling me to smile more but I decided to stick with a deeply brooding and effortlessly handsome expression. Anyway, hopefully more employer types that read the Sunday Business Post will have read the article and start placing more recruitment ads. Did I mention they were free? I will include a copy of this article when I get around to scanning it and over the embarrassment of the mug-shot. People have now looked at over half a million pages on which is quite impressive really. World domination is soon to be mine.

December 8th, 2005 | permalink

june 2004::
Robert launches the new and improved version of (containing over 32% more fun than the previous site). He hopes it will be easier for people to use and help make even more popular. Robert begins to find that speaking of himself in the third person is considerably less amusing than it first seemed and thus vows to stop doing it the next time he writes. Over 1,500 ads have now been placed and 300,000 pages viewed. There is still a great deal more to do.

December 8th, 2005 | permalink

june 2004::
Robert has by now acquired a new job, working with the homeless. It once again provides him with that all important feeling that he is 'the big man'. He tells everybody about it hoping that they will like him more. This works surprisingly well. Promoting is proving quite difficult for Robert to do with no money whatsoever. He can't even afford to hire some of those promotions girls with tasteful bomber jackets, baseball caps and blonde hair. He contemplates trying this himself but fears he might just end up frightening people. During this month the 1000th ad is placed.

December 8th, 2005 | permalink

May 2004 free ads is launched. Robert discovers that threatening people on the street with an axe is a sorely underrated method of publicity as he manages to attract 5,000 visitors and about 100,000 page views in the first month alone. The side effects of Robert's new found lifestyle are beginning to trouble him however. His hair begins to fall out at an alarming rate. His eyesight is rapidly diminishing due to all those hours in front of the screen. His magnetism to the opposite sex is also starting to wane. Robert realises that he is becoming a nerd. He starts cursing and smoking more in a futile attempt to cover it up.

December 8th, 2005 | permalink

february 2004 ::
Robert is fired from his job as a colostomy bag salesman. He fears that, for him, the dream may now be over. He spends a few months unemployed, scratching his buttocks on a regular basis while planning what to do next. He enrols in a number of FAS courses, one of which is a class in webdesign. Robert likes this because the other people in the class are quite uncool and he feels like 'the big man'. A worrying transformation begins as he grows to secretly love computers. Robert decides to put his newfound skills, coupled with his innate goodness to use and comes up with the plan for Many long nights hunched over in front of a computer ensue, but the plan slowly begins to become a reality.


Thanks for Reading!

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