Driveway Cleaning and Roof Cleaning for Ballinasloe, Algae and Moss Removal

Driveway cleaning and Roof Cleaning Services for Ballinasloe. Along with cleaning and restoration, we undertake tarmac sealing, roof painting, powerwashing and patio cleaning.
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We Clean Driveways and Wash Roofs in Ballinasloe

If you need driveway cleaning or roof washing in Ballinasloe, one name always pops up. That name is Steve and his team. Who better to clean or fix around your home than someone who has spent the last 20 years doing that type of work!

Steve and his team provide an excellent power washing service for cleaning and restoring the exterior of your home. From removing the dreaded red algae and black spots from your rendered walls and gable ends to restoring your old driveway or patio back to top condition.

Along with the power washing services they provide, they can carry out minor repairs on roofs and hardtop surfaces to ensure the restoration work is done properly.

For example, on the roof whilst washing it down (power washing or soft washing), they might notice a loose ridge tile or missing tile, which they can replace.

The same applies on the driveway or patio area, where they might find a few sunken blocks, slabs or edging that needs resetting when they are washing down the area.

Call Steve today for a free estimate on driveway cleaning, roof washing, painting and tarmac sealing in Ballinasloe.

Tarmac Driveway Before Cleaning in Ballinasloe
Tarmac Driveway Before Cleaning
Tarmac Driveway After Cleaning in Ballinasloe
Tarmac Driveway After Cleaning
Before Roof is Cleaned
Before Roof is Cleaned
After Roof is Cleaned
After Roof is Cleaned
Before Patio Cleaned in Ballinasloe
Before Patio Cleaned
AFter Patio Cleaned in Ballinasloe
After Patio is Cleaned

Roof Painting and Tarmac Sealing Services

Why not go that extra bit once you have your roof or driveway cleaned off and get it painted or sealed. By sealing your tarmac driveway once it has been cleaned off, you can restore its colour and extend its lifespan.

When you roof has been washed off, you can have it painted with a variety of colours that not only make it look like a new roof, will protect the tiles from further weather damage prolonging the lifespan up to 10 years.

Cleaning Driveways, Roofs and Walls

House Painting Services

Repairs and Maintenance


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Driveway Cleaning and Roof Cleaning for Ballinasloe, Algae and Moss Removal

If you need to have your driveway cleaned down, roof washed, red algae and black spot removed from walling, call Steve for a free estimate on: 0906 616402. Options for soft washing, hard washing and power washing to ensure a high quality restoration service with little to no risk of damage.

Driveway and Roof Cleaning
CALL: 0906 616402